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About us

Founded in the 1950s and located in the Lille metropolis at the historic center of the Mail Order Valley, d'Haussy very quickly turned all of the company's activities towards direct marketing, and in particular to the manufacture of direct mail and personalised documents.

D’Haussy works with many key European markets (France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden and more) and provides a wide range of direct mail products thanks to its totally integrated service of Print, Personalisation/Finishing and Lettershop. D’Haussy has 160 employees across two production sites (Lille and Strasbourg) and a global turnover of 18 million euro.



What We Do

We can manage the entire mailings process from file processing to postal management. D'Haussy's main areas of experise are: print, personalisation, finishing, lettershop and innovation.

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Z.I. La Vignette
1 rue de l'Avenir B.P. 1
59497 LINSELLES Cedex
+33 (0) 3 20 28 95 95
4 rue Georges Cuvier
+33 (0) 3 88 59 10 35

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